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The Real Number of Native Folks in Turtle Island 

There were hundreds of nations comprised of millions of human beings–yes, human beings–living throughout the land before our European ancestors arrived here in the 1600s. The U.S. government signed over 400 treaties with various Indigenous nations and violated every one of them. And over time these original peoples were systematically eliminated in what amounted to the first genuine American holocaust. read more


Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse 

Message from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 12 October 2006: "Mitakuye (my relative), I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nation, ask you to understand an Indigenous perspective on what has happened in America, what we call 'Turtle Island.' My words seek to unite the global community ... a very important message about a solution to turn these terrible times around."


Forgotten Elders 


I would like to send some cards to a little grandma I met in the nursing home
while visiting my father. She really touched my heart-the first time I met her and chose to sit next to her in the lunch room area, she kissed my hands over
and over again as I sat next to her-she kept trying to pull my chair closer to her wheelchair. I tried to talk to her-speaking only the few words that I knew
at the time. The nurses say that she is alone and since she does not speak
English-nor do any of the nurses-so it's hard for her. She was thrilled that I "tried" my best to speak with her, as I sat beside her in the nursing home.  read more



Sally Rederth and Ramadan

Article about Sally Rederth and Ramadan in Egypt from the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe website: .

Read the article         


Inuit File Human Rights Violation Charge Against US

In Dec 2005 the Inuit Natives from Canada, Greenland, Russia and the United States, where they are known as Eskimos, filed charges against the US for the harm done to them by global warming.

The US, according to a National Geographic report, emits 80% of the world's emition of gasses causing global warming. The Inuit are seeking relief from violations resulting from global warming caused by acts and omissions of the United States — the world's biggest emitter of gases causing global warming.

Scientists reported many animal species facing extinction due to global warming.


Oldest Map of Turtle Island in European Records

It was signed by Piri Reis and dated Muharram 919 after the Hijrah which is year 1513. The map was later studied by Europeans and they said it was a quite accurate map of the territories spreading from Greenland to New Found Land and south to Venezuela and the Antarctic. Piri Reis was Muhyi-iddin Piri ibn Haji Mehmed he fought numerous battles at sea. Reis was his title of admiral. He wrote the book Kitabu l Bahriyah and he drew a world map with the only portion surviving the portion showing Turtle Island. He defeated the foes at sea repeatedly and he refused to abuse the spoils of war being a true... read more


Native Activists Labeled 

Robert Robideau, Co-Director Leonard Peltier Defense Committee in his article:

An Investigative Journalist or FBI Apologist and Provocateur, refuting Steve Hendricks, author of ''The Unquiet Grave: The FBI and the Struggle for the Soul of Indian Country,'' from December 4, 2006 wrote: As one FBI document stated, "There are indications that the Indian militant problem in the area will not be resolved or discontinued with the prosecution of these insurgents." read more


Orang Asli Being Indigenous and Muslim 

Here the issue being  discussed sometimes is about being indigenous and Muslim. An indigenous person always stands for protecting the environment  and realizes that human sustenance depends on nature. An indigenous person comes from a people that lived on their land and preserved their environment from time immemorial. By definition indigenous people are people who have lived on their land since time immemorial and indigenous peoples around the world have much in common all equally suffering at the hands of industrialized nations and corporate entities. read more


Warriors Against Transgression 

We are often faced with people who have no regard for human life and who transgress against us. They occupy land that doesn't belong to them and they devastate it with logging, mining, polluting etc. They go as far as to pour toxins into people's water supplies and poison entire communities without any regard... read more



So That We Know Each Other 

This isn't a group for a "Native Americanized Islam".  This  isn't  a  group  to  exclude

other Muslims. In fact, to the contrary, this is a group to include all Muslims so "that you may know one another". Because, some of the best da'wah is the upright character of the Muslim... and this is so true. Whole nations have embraced Islam just upon witnessing the Muslim character. But the thing here is... how many Muslims interact with the native people? Many natives stay in out-of-the-way rural areas, and the only way they may meet a Muslim is on television... read more


Racism Passed on to New Generations

From a Denver Colorado guestbook where many Natives especially from Mexico sign in. From a Wayne who didn't disclose who he is: 

"You stupid Indians would be living in tepees and weaving baskets if it wasn't for Columbus and the others who followed him. Also you wouldn't be getting all that free... read more 


Colonization Can't Be Justified With Native Migration

That Indians migrate and move about does not justify nor explain the invasion of the Americas by fierce liars who use the lie as the means of conquest, that and targeted diseases, that coincidentally, they say, seemed to kill a lot of Natives.  read more 


Who is a Niiji 

From the Ojibway Language Society Miinawaa Forum posted March 31,2007 Posting # 7253

A young man walked into the room and said to his friend "Hello Niiji." The word Niiji was a new word for most of the English speaking people in the room. Then the two young men started talking. The young men appeared to be aboriginal and... read more


Warriors Needed  

In Native cultures a warrior is a person that stands between harmful things and his people, be it an enemy or hunger or poverty or any other harmful thing. In a calamity such as dangerous weather conditions warriors lead their people to safety. Warriors always eat after everyone last and warriors always sit after everyone last. In indigenous terminology a warrior is not a person harming his people... read more 


Converts and Reverts 

Hussain Andreyas  said he is a former Afghanistan Mujahid now a church member and radio broadcasts the church's message to Afghanistan from his base in the US.

It's interesting is that there's lots of Muslims who were formerly church members. Yet many of them don't come out to refute missionaries and church fanatics who come and propagate their ideology to Muslims. In a report there's estimated 10 000 Afghans who converted from Islam to church stuff. In Central Asia there's also many Muslims who converted and joined different US and European based churches. In Africa animist Africans who were either pretending to be Muslims or were at one point Muslims massively converted to church stuff. Many Muslim immigrants to US and Western countries migrating from Muslim countries have kids who are churchers and baptized nonMuslim. It's amazing to see to in one place both former church goers who are now Muslims and former Muslims who go to church and pray to Isa aleyhi Salaam and are no longer Muslims.  read more


Abuse Influenced Persons Judging Muslims   

There is quite an as yet untold story to be told on sexual immorality as a whole.  People in the West are always critical that things are "under reported" and believe that that human beings in Islamic country settings are the same as other human beings around the world....which of course they are.  But what happens is you have this democratic leveler that makes us all at the same standard as what people find in places like America.  Check for yourself on the number of STD's in Arabic settings compared to nearly every setting in the US.... it is exponentially less.  Also, adultery is surely far less, although studies like that can always be disputed, but there are ways to show...  read more


People Saying No Way to Being Native and Muslim 

Black Elk is an important case study for this question you raise about "No Way" for American Muslims and that "Islam is not the Red Road." Black Elk maintained that the Lakota accepted the Christian Religion because "it already fit" with what they "already knew." Now we all now very well that while the Lakota could embrace the Christian religion in some key ways, they also rejected much of it. It is important to note that not a single Lakota priest was ever ordained in the Catholic Church after all the involvement that religion had. The colonialism and the "White man" culture in it are grotesque and apparent. Indian people know that very well. I don't know if you people have heard of "historical trauma" ... read more












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