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Salaamu Aleykum

Aniin, Ey , Sek:oli, Tansi, Wado, Hau, Osio,

Welcome!! Biindigen niiji!! Hau Kola!! Liaali!!


It is in human nature not to have a reason to reject the Creator and not to reject His Prophets. Well Neechie if you are like that and you believe that there is One Creator and that Muhammad Salallaahu Aleyhu wa Sallam was His Prophet, then you are Muslim.

The Prophet said that the person who says that there is One Creator will go to Jennah. Call it garden, heaven or a high level with the Creator, if you say that there is One Creator, you will go there when you pass over to the hereafter.

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This isn't a place for a "Native Americanized Islam". This isn't a place to exclude others.

In fact, to the contrary, this is a group to include all so that we may know one another.

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Nanabush planted the grains gently onto the back of the turtle (mikinaak) and a wind in all four directions blew and the grains started to grow. Soon they grew so big that an island (minisi) was formed in the shape of  the turtle.  That is how Turtle Island was formed.


US Aid or Native Aid

The US yearly donates as US Aid tons of wheat and grain to many Nations around the world. The wheat and grain grain comes from Native land in federal possession. If Natives didn't allow it what would happen all around the  globe? Yet many believe Natives are irrelevant relics from the past.

In Islam as well as other religions the words of advice say: "The one who didn't thank people didn't thank the Creator."


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So That We Know Each Other 

This isn't a place for a "Native Americanized Islam". This isn't a place to exclude others. In fact, to the contrary, this is a group to include all so that we may know one another... How many Muslims interact with the Native people? Many Natives stay in out-of-the-way rural areas, and the only way they may meet a Muslim is on television... Similarly, in many people's minds, we as Natives are the way that it's portrayed on television ...  read more


The Real Number of Native Folks in Turtle Island  



  Six Nations Laws  
There were hundreds of nations comprised of millions of human beings–yes, human beings–living throughout the land before our European ancestors arrived here in the 1600s. The U.S. government signed over 400 treaties with various Indigenous nations and violated every one of them. And over time these original peoples were systematically eliminated in what amounted to the first genuine American holocaust. - S. Brian Wilson, from his article What the Flag Means To Me, read more

Benjamin Franklyn was appointed to write the US constitution. He took advice from his Mohawk friends and advisors from the Iroquois Six Nations Confederacy.
That is how the US constitution was based on the Iroquois Six Nations Confederacy laws and the rest of the countries in the world followed basing their constitutions on that. There are may other such things Turtle Island Natives contributed and continue to contribute.


Burying 'Digging for the Red Roots' 

This is an American Indian Muslim's response to a tale that has been spread in the name of Islam and Native Americans since 1996. My name is Hasan Grooms. I am a PeeDee Indian. I have ancestry from other American Indian Nations as well, and I have been Muslim since 1990 CE.  I have decided that perhaps the best way to assault the falsehoods in Mahir Abdal Razzaq El's "Digging for the Red Roots" is by taking this article apart piece-by-piece and refuting it's false statements and blatant lies and clarify it's inaccuracies and exaggerations, wa Allaahul musta'an.

Before we proceed, I want to state that this treatise is aimed at Muslims to encourage them to cease spreading false tales like "Digging for the Red Roots" and to take a more serious approach to investigating information that is spread regarding both Islam and American Indians. read more



Goodness Outside of Muslim Cultures? 


Why do some Muslims have to concoct these elaborate theories that everything “good” or “positive” about indigenous American cultures (Indian or Hawa’iian) came from some supposed pre-Colombian contact w/ the Arabs? Isn’t it enough that Native people have had to take the same racist, condescending nonsense from the Europeans for 500 years (on top of the genocidal violence), now you have to hear it from the Muslims too? Shouldn’t Muslims, under assault from the likes of Friedman, Faux News, two centuries of Orientalism, and so forth, know better? read more


What the Muslim Attitude Towards the Bering Strait Theory Should Be 


It doesn't say in the Qur'an that Natives in Turtle Island crossed a Bering Strait from Asia. There is mention of people living in harsh cold weather conditions in the Hadith which could easily refer to Turtle Island Natives. In the explanations of the Hadith by the scholars it says they live there and not that they are some migrants to that land...

Recently in Mexico archeologists found 40,000 year old footprints of mature people and children...

The Bering Strait theory claims talk about Asiatic people crossing into Turtle Island from Asia some 20,000 years ago. read more

Fi Amanillah,

Thank you, Miigwetch, Nia:wen,  Pilamaya yelo, Qujannamiik, Jezakallahu Khayran

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