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Why Turtle Island Native Folks Don't  Have Written Records

In Native cultures there's no writing of records and the reason for that is exactly the same as the reason there is the study of Hadith in Islam.

Native story tellers say that if  their stories were written down on paper anyone could later come and change that. People have indeed done that in the past with  Books like the Bible. They still continue to rewrite the Bible into new versions adding, taking out and rearranging  it from their own whims and claim it... read more



What the Muslim Attitude Towards the Bering Strait Theory Should Be

Recently in Mexico archeologists found 40,000 year old footprints of mature people and children. They say that the oldest humans artifacts, necklace beads that they found, date back 70,000 years.

They claim that first humans showed up 100,000 years ago in Africa and then 70,000 years ago underwent a mass extinction reducing them to the size of a small village of 100 to 150 or at most 200 individuals. Then they say humans grew in numbers over a period of 20,000 to 30,000 years and reappeared. The Bering Strait theory claims talk about Asiatic people crossing into Turtle Island from Asia some 20,000 years ago... read more


Four Four Points From Turtle Island 

This is an article with four sections with four points in each section, totaling 16 points. It's mainly on belief from the most basic beginning.

We don’t believe in anything blindly and we don’t allow ourselves to be blind followers. We question everything and every action we take. Here are 4 sections of 4 points that take us from the very basic belief that there is a Creator to the way we do everything in our lives.  read more


Importance of Jarh wa Taadil 

The Sunnah explains the Qur’an. For example the Qur’an Orders us to do Salah, the Sunnah Explains to us how to do the Salah in a very detailed way. It is impossible to accept only one and not the other.

We have the Qur’an with us and no one can alter the Qur’an, but we ask ourselves where is the Sunnah that was Given by Allah Ta’Ala to our Prophet and that he brought to us along with the Qur’an. read more


Mustalahu l'Hadith Notes 

These are the fundamentals, Usul in Arabic. Without these basics a person can't get far just like with learning anything else, everything starts from the basics. Many Muslims don't learn the basics and everyone has their own idea and thinks they know the best yet they don't know the basics and then they split of into groups and subgroups based on everything other than the Usul. read more


Usulu l'Fikh Notes 

Usulu l'Fikh is the fundamentals of Fikh. Fikh in Arabic means understanding and in Shariyah it means understanding the rules of the Shariyah according to the statements in the Ayaat and Ahadith. Fikh is Shariyah, law, jurisprudence. Fikh is not Aqueedah. Without proper Usulu l'Fikh one cannot reach the correct Fikh. read more


Usulu t'Tafsir Notes

To do Tafsir there are fundamentals that need to be followed. The Ulema teach these fundamentals of doing Tafsir and the lesson is called Usulu t'Tafsir, fundamentals of Tafsir. The other name of Usulu t'Tafsir is Ulumu l'Qur'an, which means knowledge of Qur'an. Attempting to do Tafsir without knowing Usulu t'Tafsir is forbidden, because the Qur'an is the Word of Allah Ta'Ala and making statements without Ilm about Allah Ta'Ala is forbidden. ... read more


Bea Under the Tree

Bea is when the Sahabah told the Prophet under the tree that they will follow him. Allah Ta'Ala Said in the Qur'an that He is Pleased with those who gave Bea under the tree. That is why we say Abu Bakr Radiallahu Anhu and Ali Radiallahu anhu and Fatima Radiallahu anha and like that for all Sahabah. read more


No to Abusing of the Concepts of Takfir and Bea 

A Middle Age Europe inquisition type group, sitting and deciding about who committed apostasy and bringing verdicts is not the work of Muslims.

13.c. Ottoman Horseman

By telling people what Jarh wa Taadil is, teaching them how the chain goes from the Sahabah who have Tazkiyah from Allah Ta'Ala in the Qur'an to the Tabaiin who have Tazkiyah from the Sahabah and Taba-tabaiin have Tazkiyah from the Tabaiin and Ulema from them and later Ulema from earlier till Ulema with Tazkiyah today, in that way you explained to people who is reliable and they can block people from making themselves Ulema... read more 


Giving Udhiyah Meat to nonMuslims

Answer by Shaykh Ibn `Uthaymeen

It is permissible to give a nonMuslim some of the udhiyah meat in charity so long as this nonMuslim is not one of those who are killing the Muslims. If he is one of those who are... read more



Why Indonesian Muslims Practice Traditional Ways

Though large populations in Asia are Muslims many retain their animist beliefs prior to their introduction to Islam by Arab merchants and travelers.

While Christian preachers tried to persuade traditional people into Christianity, Islam was preached to them as a call to Islam rather than an attack on their beliefs. The masses of Asian people that accepted Islam retained their traditional ways ... read more


Dawah Based on Batil

Muslims need to bring justice and live with justice instead of trying to be liars and cheaters like the church missionaries messing around with indigenous folks.

Part of that are the stories about a Cherokee born a Mahir Abdurazaaq and stories that America is Amir-ica and the Caribbean Arabic for close-Qarib and Wakan-Tanka means Allah and Cherokee syllabics are Arabic and Natives pray 5 times a day by looking at the sun and Natives and Arabs look alike, and Natives wear turbans and headscarves. However there's much more stuff going on. More profound and more sophisticated trickery. Folks need
to not buy that and not allow themselves to be manipulated. Dawah based on batil is not justified. read more


Seven Teachings

There are many different approaches telling about the seven teachings. In my area we have the seven animals. This is an interpretation of the seven teachings according to directions and colors: east and red as the truth, south and white as honesty, west and black as bravery, north and blue as humility, up and yellow as wisdom, below and brown as respect, here and green...  read more











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